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New Zealand Stockcar Teams Championship

Time Line for the Marshall Batteries NZ Stockcar team
Thursday 23 February
6.30pm Meet and Greet Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club all Welcome

Friday 24 February
10am All Team Managers to be registered and pick up team passes (Remember if your team drivers
have not got their gate pass they must pay (13 Gate Passes per-Team)
Each stockcar driver will also be required to pay an emergency fee of $5.00 per vehicle at the pit gate plus any other members that may come in with the vehicle. At gate prices $25.00 per Adult
Friday night.
10.30 am Pit Gate open to competitors
10.45am Vehicle Checking and weighing
1.00 pm Tower open for registration, gear checking and issuing of arm bands.
3.30 pm Vehicle Checking and weighing Closed.
4.00pm all Competitors to be registered and arm bands collected for crew
4.15pm Registration Tower Closed.
4.45pm Drivers and Managers briefing in Club Rooms.
Once Drivers briefing is over all stockcars can come in from the infield
5.30pm All Staff and SNZ staff briefing in club rooms
5.45pm All stockcars line up for Grand Parade Lead out by the Gladiators, Tasman, Rotorua Vintage
stockcars last out.
6.45 pm Auckland Alley Cats and Baypark Bulldogs on the dummy Grid for first race

25th February
1pm Pit open for Vehicle Checking
$5.00 Emergency fee plus all other gate charges, Drivers will require their pass.
1.30pm Tower open driver Registration, gear checking and arm band issuing.
4.15pm Vehicle Checking top 8 Qualifiers closed and should all be registered.
4.45pm Top 8 Qualifiers Driver and Manager briefing in Club rooms. With SNZ and Staff
5.00pm Vehicle Checking Closed
5.10pm Tatapouri Non Qualifiers Drivers briefing and marble draw.
5.45 pm Top 8 Qualifiers parade lead out in order of qualifying
6.45pm Vintage Stock on Dummy Grid

Next Meeting…

Eastland Group Raceway have a huge night of racing this Saturday Night.We have the Freestyle Riders, Stock car Teams between the Gisborne Gladiators and the Meeane Maulers and the Side car Teams.
Side car Teams are as follows:
56G Clive Ireland and Chris Symons
22G Barry Irvine and Callum Innes
8G Rob Miller and Kerwin Arnaboldi

10A Kyle Anderson and Danile Bradley
9A Dean Miller and Bevan Williams
4K David Gannon and Daryl Pearce

13V Aaron Rose and Amelia Stanley
19V John Gannon and Bryce Rose
17V Tony Wislop and Patrick Larsen

26B Justin Lincoln and Adrian Orchard
28B Dave Black and swinger TBA
21B Andrew McNamara and George Olsen


Stock car Teams
62G Ben Holt
63G Bruce Harding
64G James Clarke
66G Shaun Dunlop
67G Michael Schwass
31G James Kirk

82B Brett Loveridge
83B Hayden Barnett
84B Michael Smith
87B Callum Shotter

Ministock 100 Entry List

An updated list. Please remember that the website is saying that the form has not been submitted but the forms are being submitted. We hope to have the website fixed soon. Thank you for your patience.
MInistock 100 list as at 05/01/2017

Corey Tyler 56K
Amy Eckersley 4W
Jackson Evans 47H
Tyler Urwin-Hull 98M
Daniel Belk 52K
Lucas Lowe 10M
Bryce Carter 26M
Luke McClymont 5M
Caleb Madgwick 74W
Trazarn Ryland Annabell 5V
Callum Sturzaker 15V
Dylan Marshall 57H
Jorja Mouat 81M
Danielle Duncan 99M
Tony Duncan 99M
Ollie Simpson 77G
Toby Collins 25M
Ryan Marshall 15H
Crystal Wilson 691
Hamish Moore 16G
Ben Morrison 35A
Cris Hansen 34M
Jhonee Ngamaki 86G
Luke Fenton 21H
Robbie Schwass 5G
Shania Wilsom 66R
Courtney Hatton 14B
Dylan Jensen 63R
Cole Le Compte 13G
Bailey Curtis 21G
Aidan Graham 11
Tori Malcom 17B
Tristan Johnson 53B
Samuel Murray 196R
Ben McNeil 29G
Olivia Maloney 57M
William Hughes 99S
Damon Pinkham 43R
Seth McKay 48G
Lauren Swift 42B
Connor Humphreys 82G
Angus Briant 81G
Kaylee Brooks 21A
Dion Henderson 45K
Matt Sowry 27M
Nicole Hickmott 47P
Sammy Durston 177G
Hayley Durston 277G
Blair Richardson 88R
Karlin Painter-Dudley 88B
Alyssa Carnell 39R
Thomas Rumble-Faram 4B
Liam Reid 6R
Todd Hemingway 88M
Dylan Towler 96R

Speedway NZ 2019 rules

Speedway NZ

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