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GSC Presidents Board

Gisborne Speedway Club Inc.
Presidents and Vice Presidents
1971 Bill Northe Gerry Huberts
1972 Gerry Huberts Berney Storey
1973 Berney Storey Harry Hessell
1974 John Monk Fred Phelps
1975 John Monk Fred Phelps
1976 Fred Phelps Robbie Taylor
1977 Bruce Simpson Mike Sutherland
1978 Bruce Simpson Mike Sutherland
1979 Graham Gooch Des Chiles
1980 Graham Gooch Des Chiles
1981 Graham Gooch Clyde McGrory
1982 Graham Gooch Clyde McGrory
1983 Chris Read Clyde McGrory
1984 Chris Read Clyde McGrory
1985 Chris Read Clyde McGrory
1986 Clyde McGrory Graham Gooch
1987 Clyde McGrory Graham Gooch
1988 Clyde McGrory Graham Gooch
1989 Clyde McGrory Graham Gooch
1989 Myles Richardson Graham Gooch
1990 Myles Richardson Chris Lovell
1991 Myles Richardson Chris Lovell
1992 Myles Richardson Chris Lovell
1993 Myles Richardson Chris Lovell
1994 Myles Richardson Chris Lovell
1995 Myles Richardson Richard Jones
1996 Myles Richardson Richard Jones
1997 Myles Richardson Richard Jones
1998 Myles Richardson Laurie Stuart
1999 Myles Richardson Reece Lister
2000 Myles Richardson Reece Lister
2001 Myles Richardson Peter Truuts
2002 Myles Richardson Peter Truuts
2003 Myles Richardson Peter Truuts
2004 Myles Richardson Peter Truuts
2005 Myles Richardson Grant MacGregor
2006 Myles Richardson Grant MacGregor
2007 Myles Richardson Wayne Freeman
2008 Grant MacGregor Scott Ross
2009 Grant MacGregor Scott Ross
2010 Grant MacGregor Mike Hall
2011 Grant MacGregor Mike Hall
2012 Grant MacGregor Mike Hall
2013 Grant MacGregor Clyde McGrory
2014 Grant MacGregor Dean Quinn
2015 Grant MacGregor Dean Quinn
2016 Grant MacGregor Dean Quinn